Sunday, January 16, 2011

DO's and DONT'S and Excerpt

                   2011-DO's and DONT'S!
  •  DO-write, and re-write
  •  DO-remain confident, and remember NO, sometimes means NOT NOW!
  • DO-NOT-forget that simple-does not mean simplistic.
These are just a few for me to start with this year!
A-DO and DO-NOT list can sometimes help us remember our goals, and boost some confidence that can get lost in the scheme of things.
Have you made your 2011 resolutions? Try making a DO & DO-NOT list, it will regenerate a buzz to your goals!
Summer of Nickola
By: Amy Jene Clark
I pulled away out of instinct, and Nickola seemed surprised. “ Nickola, I...I heard something…Iheard you!”
I could see the water to the lake, I could feel the ground I was sitting on, I could see wild lilies and the plains dotted with tall trees leading to the woods on the other side of me, and long grass all around, maybe I was dreaming, maybe I was losing my mind, maybe it was heat stroke, could I be so giddy, so fascinated with Nickola that I was going to now hear his voice in my head? I still felt a safeness and calmness, but also worried, at my own accusations towards myself, what was going on, why can I hear him speak, I can't be dreaming, I must have went crazy…
I felt crazy telling him that I heard him so I stood up, but Nickola quickly traced my movement and stood to his feet saying. “Emma do not be scared, you just have to trust me, do you trust me?” I didn’t know what to say everything inside me wanted to be in this moment with Nickola. All my emotions were racing, and trust was not one I had considered. I knew I was feeling a crush, a connection, maybe even love, my mind was searching for any signs of distrust, and than Nickola wrapped his arms around me, and my body rushed with warmth, and I felt soothed from my crazy feeling, and my scattered thoughts, I gently said “yes, I do trust you, I do…” Nickola leaned toward my face, and his eyes were captivating, the connection was impossible to deny. Every ounce of my body wanted him to kiss me, and in that moment, his lips met mine, and I felt as if I melted into his arms. His lips were perfect. A happiness that I could not describe came over me, and I slowly kissed him back, our breathing had sped up, as he gracefully pulled away from the magnetic kiss, he softly said, “Thank you Emma, thank you for trusting me…”

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