Thursday, March 3, 2011

Letter to Hubby...All things are possible...

Jason, name meaning ‘healer’ Amy, name meaning ‘dearly loved; beloved’
We were set up on a blind date; I finally made it to the date after standing you up two times prior to our first meeting. I was a little scared to start dating again, and was even more scared of a blind date. We were suppose to meet in February, one date I just didn’t show, and the next date I couldn’t show, so I promised to meet you this time the first weekend of March. I did show up, but three hours late, I was full of fear, and all to familiar with let down to have hope in a blind-date, however it was the start of our relationship, the beginning of our life, and from that night on we have not been apart.
That night you called me a few times, and I procrastinated and told you I was running late. You had worked all day, mowed your lawn, and even got in a wreck on the way to our date, thankfully just a fender-bender, needless to say you were patient with me, and insistent on meeting, however I think you thought I wouldn’t show, you didn’t change out of your lawn mowing clothes, luckily the meeting place “Tanners” that attire blended in, besides you had me with the “hard-working man look” little did I know the white t-shirt, and khaki shorts, and ball-cap, was all just you being lazy cause you thought I wouldn’t show up! Ha! Oh and I must not forget I almost passed out at the birken-stock sandals and orange and khaki socks, yes this is true, you really wore sandals and socks, no-one else could of pulled that off, but somehow, I found it cute! The weird thing is I can remember how surprised you were when you met me, I really think you thought I wouldn’t show, or that I would be some crazy girl who you would never see again, but the look you gave me that night, is the same way you look at me today. We instantly connected, and however cliché, it was as if no-one else was in the room. I was resistant of the relationship, but with my resistance, came your persistence. You were for real, you really loved me, and you have never stopped. You were right, we were meant to be together. I never thought I could love, or trust, or believe in someone like I do you. You have healed me of that, by one simple thing, love, it is very powerful, but I didn’t know that. You are the most patient, gentle, kind, and loving person I know, and I am blessed to be able say that, and it actually be the truth. You have never shown an evil side, you have never been harsh or unkind, and you have always loved me dearly. Yes, we had some times of chaos, and stress, and times where I was still learning to trust, but through it all you stayed true to who you are, and we got through it. Thank you for sharing these virtues, you have made me a better person, and that makes me happy. I am so proud to be your wife, the mother of your children, and I am excited to see what is next with you and me. I have prayed everyday that God would bless you, and help you with your decisions, I knew it was coming, you deserve it. You never gave up, you were never selfish, always patient, hopeful, positive, kind, and you made many sacrifices for me, and the kids, and we seen that, and so did God. This year is your year, I am proud of you! Our journey is just beginning, and we have learned so much, and gained experience from it all, and now we know with love, and patience, and perseverance, anything is possible, even in sandals and socks! I love you Jason.
Your wife, Amy

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