Friday, May 13, 2011

Breakfast for dinner....

After I posted the last blog, I was summoned to cook dinner and it came to my attention that between, taking kids to school, and birthday parties, studying for my new class, folding what seems like endless laundry, working out, proofreading some stories, library time, grocery shopping, and many other things that I do during my busy day, I forgot one thing which I rarely forget about, but I forgot to plan dinner, ha! The kids were bugging me “what’s for dinner?”

And then again ‘hubby’ “what’s for dinner-did you take anything out for dinner?” Like I said it is rarely forgotten, I am usually in the kitchen from five to eight on most nights doing dinner, clean up, and lunch packing! Oh my goodness can a gal get a night off? Needless to say, a last minute dinner is easy for us women, either order out, whip up some bean burritos, and as for tonight good ole’ never fails “breakfast” for dinner! Yes, we had scrambled eggs, bagels, strawberries and yogurt, sliced oranges, and some leftover frozen ham in the freezer from Easter that I threw in the skillet! Oh what it means to be the cook in a house full of hungry people?
So that is why I decided to jump back on and type this up.
The kids were coming in and out of the kitchen to see what I was cooking, (when they get hungry it all hits at once) and while I was cracking the eggs, I announced breakfast for dinner, and Hannah said” great idea” and,” Madi yelled out “my favorite-breakfast for dinner make my eggs like ‘Mimi’ does!!” And Jason and Noah will eat anything, so everyone calmed down, and went off doing what they do, while they waited for dinner to be on the table. Ha!
I sit at the table eating quietly watching my family fill their plates, and scarf there dinner. Jason filled his mouth with a bite of ham and said “I would not have known what to make, but this is GOOD!” (He never complains!)
It got me thinking about how I have been a home cook for kids and/or a husband for more than twelve years, and how different cooking  is compared to my first times ever cooking up meals, till now. It got me smiling as I sit there in stillness while the family scraped their plates, I remembered burning my first chicken fried steak meal, and thought about how second nature it is now, and how I could never keep my eggs from turning brown on the bottom, compared to the fluffy organic-yellow goodness I make now, and how all my cakes I use to attempt were flat and dry, and how now I can make a cake without using a recipe today.
These thoughts got me thinking about my post, and again the impacting words “when you know better you do better.”
I thought it might be fun to ask all of you wifey/mommy cooks, about your first times being in your first kitchens, and about some of the first meals you ever cooked, and/or, how many catastrophes and years it took before we became the chefs they kiss goodnight?
Breakfast for dinner,

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  1. I love the story...I'll write my addition later this to you soon.Love you lots, Mimi