Friday, May 13, 2011

Knowing & Doing....

­Three months down and NO rejection letter.
I am back in school! I am taking evening classes to be a Health and Wellness Professional, with an emphasis on Sports Medicine, as well obtaining my Certifications in Personal Training/Fitness through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).
NASM‘s mission is to empower individuals to live a healthy life. NASM is the leading authority in certification, continuing education, solutions, and tools for health and fitness, sports performance, and sports medicine professionals. The systematic and scientific approach to fitness continues to raise the bar as the “gold standard” in the industry. Today, NASM serves as the global authority in more than 80 countries, serving more than 100,000 members!
Yes, as those that know me well, I am extremely passionate about practicing good health, and solid physical fitness. I have always been an athlete, and have self taught myself the “in’s and out’s” of nutrition to help support my passion for cooking, and yes lets me honest eating! I have been working on this for years now. With the support of my hubby, I have had the time, and ability to transform my kitchen to a 75% organic kitchen. I have read, and researched the pro’s and con’s of the different foods and choices we have in the world today, and have fell in love with all the holistic ways to create a  healthier ‘you’ and am proud of our families transition. We have been working on the transition against affordability, accessibility, and adaptability, what I refer to as the triple A’s no-one ever claimed becoming healthier nutritionally was going to be a transition you could do over night. I have found for the average American the transition will be a slow one. First and for most learning how to create a budget friendly kitchen with growing mouths can be a challenge, and we all know some of the healthier choices are a bit more expensive. I have found baby steps are the way to go with affordability. As for having the access to our healthier choices well sometimes that can be even more of a challenge, especially with the cost of gas, again affordability. I admit that I am only able to find some things locally in the town I particularly live in, and have found myself adjusting the gas budget to make a trip or two a month to other farmers markets toward the city, as well as stores like Whole Foods Market, but there are ways, I have been doing this slowly for three years now, and am now at the point where our family doesn’t even notice the effect to the budget, or lack of accessibility. We have created a lifestyle around the triple A’s, by adding a fourth and making it an Adventure. The easiest of all for my family was adaptability. Each of us decided to try different things, and add new things to our pantry and freezer, by the middle of our transition we had one kid asking for lentils for dinner, and the other kid hoping for grilled cod! I am not exaggerating, my kids adapted very easily, and to be perfectly honest the first few changes, made the rest something to look forward to. I only write all this because of something I have heard on Oprah several times that has impacted my life, “when you know better, you do better” so I just wanted you all to know!
As for my writing, yes I am still writing, and yes, I am strongly passionate for my writing, that has always been with me, and always will, in fact I have written a children’s picture book story about Health and Wellness, and am excited to see what Simon & Schuster will say! Wish me luck!
Sneak Peak on latest submission:
A hippo-licious, food-a-licious menu—seven days a week
Making healthy choices on how we all eat
Yummy in the tummy, even with NO meat!
Hippo-licious, food-a-licious seven days a week!

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